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How AI Will Change the Way We Work and Why We Must Continue to Learn

How AI Will Change the Way We Work, and Why We Must Continue to Learn

Fifteen percent of organizations are currently using artificial intelligence, but that statistic will change considerably over the next year — about 31 percent of organizations are planning to invest in AI in the next 12 months, according to CMO by Adobe.1  Artificial intelligence is changing the way organizations work, thus changing the way employees work, as well.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Work

Here are three ways artificial intelligence will change the way we work this year and in years to come:

  1. AI will develop our decision-making skills — In today’s workplace, there is a significant soft skills gap that employers are constantly trying to close.2 One of the soft skills that many employees lack is the ability to make efficient, productive decisions.AI will change how we work by providing more data-driven insights, which will lead to improved decision-making skills. This is helpful since “these days, decisions are needed faster than ever, resulting in a parallel evolution of broader access to data and wider access to the transformative power of data visualization,” according to BBC.3
  2. AI will increase our data literacy — Employees are used to interacting with technologies such as eLearning platforms. Artificial intelligence will require us to get used to consistently interacting with more advanced technologies, such as chatbots, machine learning platforms, and biometrics. As a result, we will become more data literate than ever before, which will help us in all aspects of our corporate roles.
  3. AI will help us manage our time — As AI technologies take over some of our tasks on the job, we will have more time to do what only humans can do in the workplace. In fact, “the impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% and enable people to make more efficient use of their time,” stated Accenture.4  

Why We Need Continuous Learning

Artificial intelligence is improving workplace productivity by taking tedious tasks off our plate, making us more data literate, and sharpening our soft skills. But as AI technology advances, it’s important that continuous learning remains a priority.
Continuous learning will help us stay current with technological advancements and increase our professional value. The combination of AI and ongoing learning will enable us to effectively develop our career potential.
Learn more about how AI will change how we learn and share knowledge.

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